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How to install Dropship Connector Extension?
What are the features of Dropship Connector Extension?

Dropship Connector Extension is a free automation tool that helps dropshipping products from AliExpress more easily and efficiently.

How to install Dropship Connector Extension?

DropShip Connector only works on Google Chrome browser. If you do not have it, please install Google Chrome here.

Then you can install DropShip Connector Extension here.

When you open Dropship Connector Extension installation page, simply click on the blue button ADD TO CHROME.

After that, follow the steps to complete the installation. When the extension is successfully added, you will see a message like this:

The symbol will be grayed out at first and it will only be activated in blue color when you are on an AliExpress product collection or product detail page.

What are the features of Dropship Connector Extension?

Highlight in Aliexpress Product collection pages

This feature will let merchants know which products have low shipping costs and fast processing time so the most suitable products can be chosen quickly while merchants are browsing on AliExpress.

Products that have ePacket in the shipping method list will be highlighted in green. The processing time and shipping cost to the USA by ePacket will also be displayed in product collection pages.

Import products from Product collection and Product detail pages

With Dropship Connector extension, you can quickly import products more quickly and effortlessly.

There will be a small blue icon button that you can see in both Product collection and Product detail pages. Simply click the button and the product will be added to Import list in Dropship Connector app.

The following product information will be imported: title, description, all images and all variants with variant image, SKU, value name of the option, product cost, and inventory.

On Product collection page:

On Product detail page:

After the product is imported to DropShip Connector, you will see a confirmation box like below. You can also choose to Open Import List or Remove Product.

Make payment for orders in My Orders list

Dropship Connector extension will show a Pay for all orders button on Awaiting payment tab of AliExpress's My orders list.

When this button is clicked, merchants will be directed to AliExpress's payment page.

With Dropship Connector extension, you can pay for a maximum of 90 orders, while normally you can only pay for 30 orders each time.
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