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From now on, ShopBase sellers can have their orders fulfilled via ShopBase Fulfillment (an upgraded version of CrossPanda), an in-house dropshipping agent of ShopBase. It supplies and fulfills millions of products in 40+ niche categories for 50k+ sellers of ShopBase. With the new package introduced in January 2021, all ShopBase sellers who have their orders fulfilled by ShopBase Fulfillment will get:

- Trending product ideas updated weekly
- Cashback (gain up to $1/order)
- No order processing fees required (save $1.5/item)
- Fast & cheap shipping services

>> Check out more details here.

Inventory is the section to manage products' storage and only record stock for products which have been purchased called Fulfillment.

To monitor your Inventory and place your products to help fulfill orders, go to app dashboard > Fulfillment > Inventory. The app will display your inventory in 8 different status:

Purchased: the number of items purchased.

Sold: the number of items fulfilled.

Incoming: the number of item is about to be in stock.

Available stock: the number of items available in the warehouse.

Awaiting order: the number of orders of products which is about to be in stock.

Average order 3 days: the number of orders placed from your store within 3 days.

Forecast ( Pieces/day): the estimated number of orders can be placed in a day.

Restock: the number of items restocked.

You should understand all 8 different status when purchasing products from Inventory

Enter the quantity you want and hit Place order.

Place based on your business needs

Click Purchase >> Pay for the order and choose one of the existing payment methods to make the payment

If you use money transfer, please send our support team a screenshot of your payment transaction via LiveChat so we can verify your payment.
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