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Connecting Facebook advertising accounts to PrintBase will help PrintBase collect information about the Facebook advertising costs you spend on store campaigns, thereby helping you calculate the store profit. In this article, we will guide you on how to set up PrintBase to update your costs from your Facebook advertising account.

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A. Connect Facebook ads channel to PrintBase
B. Label Staff Label for Facebook ads campaign

A. Connect Facebook ads channel to PrintBase

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, go to Settings.

Click on Marketing Channels.

Click Add a channel.

Name your account in Name your account to easily find it later. Click Connect. A pop-up will appear for you to authorize the connection of PrintBase to your Facebook account.

Once connected, the system will direct you to a page listing all your personal advertising and business advertising accounts linked to the account you connected to PrintBase in section 4.

Here, you can:

Click Disconnect to disconnect your Facebook account from your PrintBase.
Click Fetch your accounts to update ads account in case Facebook ads account undergo any changes.
Click the blue button next to any ads account if you want that account to be connected to Facebook.

B. Label Staff Label for Facebook ads campaign

After connecting your Facebook advertising account to PrintBase, you need to create a Staff Label for each employee and assign these Staff Labels to the campaigns you create on Facebook. Then PrintBase will collect data on advertising costs that each employee uses to measure their performance.

Step by Step Tutorial

From PrintBase admin site, go to Profit in Analytics.

In Profit dashboard, click Link ads cost with staffs.

The system leads you to the next page, where a list of employees is listed. You can create Staff Label by filling in the blanks in the column Labels for that employee then press Save.

When creating an advertising campaign on Facebook, you need to add Staff Label to the campaign name. PrintBase can then update the cost per employee based on the Staff Label assigned to each advertising campaign.


Staff Label included in the name of the ad campaign should be separated from the rest of the ad campaign name by a space.
The system will only get information about advertising costs (Ad spent) of campaigns with the name Staff Label of the store and the link in the Link Preview field leading to the store (as shown below).

The system will only get data about advertising costs (Ad spent) since you implement the above settings and cannot get data in the past.
If you stop connecting your advertising account to PrintBase and then re-enable the connection again, the advertising costs (Ads spent) will be collected from the moment guests reconnect. Data about the time you stopped connecting will not is crawled by PrintBase.

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