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Set up Payment Method for Print Hub
Manage your payment history

Important note: In order for the app to proceed your orders quickly, you should add your payment information beforehand.

Set up Payment Method for Print Hub

To add a credit/debit card as payment method for your orders, go to tab Settings => Payment Method.

Choose Add a new card and fill in your card details.

You can set up multiple cards as your payment information and add a new card anytime. You can also select one to be your default payment information and update or delete a card.

Manage your Payment History:

In this tab, you can manage a list of payments to keep track and be aware of which ones failed so you can retry to process payment.

You can see two numbers in this section:
Your Outstanding Balance: the total amount of the failed and unpaid payments.
Next Payment: the total amount of unpaid orders following the order process.

You can also find a table of payment logs, in which show:
Payment date: the date when the payment is created.
Payment detail: the number of orders included in this payment.
Payment status: this status can be either Failed or Successful. Failed payment will have a Retry button.
Total amount: the amount you paid for these orders.
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