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In app dashboard, click Request products under tab Warehouse:

In the Request products page, Your email will be pre-filled with shop owner email. You can request for a product by entering the product link on AliExpress and make note about the product.

Click Add new if you want to request for more than one product at a time. One can make a list of requested products with up to 10 items. After you finish making the requested product list, click Confirm.

After confirming, you will be directed to tab Request list, where duplicated links will be removed and a message with the number of links are in process will display:

You can track the status of your product requests in Request list:
In process: Every new request will be updated in this status with a quotation id. Each request will form a quotation, each quotation id may have many item ids regarding different requested products.
Quote created: When the supplier for the requested product is found, merchants will be notified of its price within 3 days at most and a quotation will be formed.
Ordered: The requested products that have been ordered.
Paid: The orders that have been made payment for.
No results: If a link is invalid or the requested product cannot be found, it will appear here.
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