If you only want to change supplier for one order, you can use the Replace action to replace the product supplier for one line-item in an order.

This feature also comes in handy when you want to change suppliers for orders whose products or variants have been deleted on AliExpress stores.

First of all, bear in mind that this action can only be done to orders of these statuses: Pending, Awaiting Order, Canceled and Failed.

Step 1:
Go to the order you want to replace the product and click Replace in Action:

Step 2:
Paste the AliExpress URL you want to replace product with into the box and click Import (the cloud symbol at the end of the box).

Step 3:
Continue with choosing the desirable variants and click Save.

After replacing the product by clicking Save:
The name of line-item is kept but it is now linked to the replaced product URL on AliExpress.
The image and variant name will be changed accordingly to the replaced product.
Shipping methods, Product cost, Shipping cost, and Total cost will also be updated.
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