Before letting your Print on Demand online store built on PrintBase go live, it's essential that your store settings are fully optimized and well organized.
Below are our guides help you make the most of our features to get ready for flourishing.

1. Set up tracking and analytic tools

It's highly recommended that you should use other tracking and analytics tools to gather more information about your orders and customer behaviors on your print on demand store which will provide insights for you to optimize purchase flow, raise your store's conversion rate and give your visitors a pleasant shopping experience.

How to set up tracking & analytics tools on ShopBase store

2. Guide to optimize store for ads

Here are our guides for both Facebook Pixel and Google ads users to connect their store with these platforms and start their advertising campaign.

How to optimize ShopBase store for ads

3. Push the conversion rate

There're many factors that might affect your store's conversion rates, and you may check out our checklist below for more information and learn more about how to improve conversion on your store.

How to increase store conversion rate with ShopBase
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