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This article provides a brief guideline on how to fulfill orders with ShopBase China.

After sellers have purchased products from ShopBase China, these products will show up on Private products page and are ready to be imported to store or mapped with available products to be fulfilled.

Stock for these will be available after 3-5 days depending on each specific product. When the requested products are in stock, the stock will be updated in Purchased column on My inventory page.

Note: Sellers should take into consideration the processing time to avoid late shipment to customers.

On Manage orders page, click Order button or select many orders to Place multiple orders.

If there's no stock available, the product's inventory would be 0. If an order for this product is placed, it will be moved to tab Failed. Sellers could map with other available products to fulfill or wait until the product is restocked to Re-order.

If the stock is available, it will be updated on My inventory page. After an order is successfully placed, it will be moved to Awaiting shipment tab.

ShopBase China will proceed with fulfillment afterward. This order will be fulfilled and the tracking number will be updated automatically in Dropship Connector and ShopBase.

After placing an order, if you want to cancel, you will need to contact us as soon as possible via our live-chat or email; so our team can check with ShopBase China whether the order is cancelable or not. If the order is already shipped, it cannot be canceled. If the order can be canceled, the stock will be updated for the seller.
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