CrossPanda is premium fulfillment service with high-quality product that guarantees the shipping time within only 6-12 days, together with real-time tracking of order status. Here's how you can fulfill orders via CrossPanda at ease!

In this article:
A. What is CrossPanda?
B. How to fulfill orders by CrossPanda?

A. What is CrossPanda?
CrossPanda is a dropshipping agent which is connected in ShopBase platform. CrossPanda provides product sourcing and fulfillment services from local Chinese manufacturers at high quality with nice packaging that guarantees fast shipping process to customers.

ShopBase merchants can connect their stores with CrossPanda, then CrossPanda will take charge to process orders then delivery directly to your customers. Click here to get to know more about CrossPanda.

B. How to fulfill orders by CrossPanda?

To get your orders automatically synced to CrossPanda admin dashboard, please follow this instruction here to connect your store.
In your ShopBase store, open CrossPanda in Apps.
In CrossPanda admin dashboard, scroll down to the end of the Home page, click on button Link to your store.
Type in store name and press Connect.

Scroll down to this part then press Link to more stores.

Enter your ShopBase name and click Connect!

After successfully have CrossPanda connected your store, please refer to this guideline to fulfill your orders.

Note: You can totally fulfill your orders without connecting with CrossPanda. Please follow this guide to fulfill your orders in CrossPanda by CSV files.

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