With Dropship Connector, you can fulfill orders using CSV files by importing files of tracking and fulfillment details.

First of all, you will need to download our template to know the format of the CSV files.

Please note:
The required headers are Name (which is Order name) and Tracking number and the optional ones are Lineitem SKU and Lineitem quantity.
Any file can be used to import as long as it has the required headers (Name and Tracking number). You can make use of the exported files from ShopBase and add the Tracking number column to save time.
If the required headers are not filled in, orders will be excluded from fulfilling the list.
If Quantity is not filled in, fulfill the whole order.
If an order includes many line-items, each line-item contains a line, whose tracking numbers can be the same as or different from other line-items in the order.

After a CSV file is imported, tracking numbers and fulfill status will be updated for unfulfilled lineitems within orders whose status marked as unfulfilled, pending fulfilled, partially fulfilled and partially refunded.

Next, click the No file selected button to upload your CSV files.

A preview will appear like this. Proceed by clicking Upload file and Import.

You will see a confirmation once the upload is successful.

There will also be an Override the current tracking numbers option. When this option is checked, tracking numbers of fulfilled lineitems belonged to orders with status marked as fulfilled, pending fulfilled and partially fulfilled will be updated:

If this lineitem has SKU, tracking number will be updated for the fulfillment of this lineitem with the corresponding SKU.
If this lineitem has no SKU, tracking numbers for all the remaining fulfilled lineitems in the order will be updated.
After the new tracking number is updated, a notification will automatically be sent to the customer.

If an order includes line-items with no SKU, fulfill the whole order.
If an order includes line-items with SKU, fulfill each item with corresponding SKU and quantity.
If an order includes both line-items with and without SKU, line-items with SKU will be fulfilled first then the remainder of order will be fulfilled with the tracking number of non-SKU line-items.
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