Only orders in CrossPanda after being shipped could be claim for specific reasons in CrossPanda refund policy. You must carefully read this policy first before deciding to fill a claim.

If your case is compatible with CrossPanda Policy, please follow this instruction below to finish a claim.

Go to CrossPanda dashboard > search for order numbers in My order > choose tab Shipped > press File a claim.

Only orders on tab Shipped could be claimed

Fill in information required on the form and press Send claim to send.

Preferred solution: Return or Refund
Claim details: write down all details that you find necessary to help resolve this claim
A detailed explanation for the case would be very helpful for us to resolve the case

After receiving your claims, CrossPanda team will send claim updates to the email address you registered for CrossPanda app. All claims go to Claims in Fulfillment section for users to manage.

You can check this article for more information about submitting evidence to support your claims.
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