Choose a base product
Design on Print Hub
Import the product to your store

Step 1: Choose a base product

You can easily choose a product to get started by going to Catalog, which provides you with the latest products of the POD market.

You will then be directed to Product details page, where you can find all the information of this product, including Product name, Description, Brand, Material, Color, Size and Price. Click Start designing button.

Step 2: Design on Print Hub

There are 4 steps in creating a product:


In this step, you need to choose the color(s) and variant(s) you want to sell and upload the artwork that will be printed on your product. You can choose to have artwork printed on the front, back or both sides of your product.

Print Hub will automatically select 10 or all colors if the number of colors is less than 10 and select 10 or all sizes if the number of sizes is less than 10.
After uploaded, the artwork will show at the center of the print area.

Print Hub supports products with less than 250 variants and 250 images (details can be found here).


You can take a look at how the design looks on mockup images and uncheck boxes of images that you don't want to import to your store.


In this tab, you can review and edit the product's name and description accordingly to your desired content.

Note: For brands that have size charts, Print Hub will automatically check the option Add size chart into product description. When importing products to store, the size chart will be added in the bottom of the description.


In this step, you can change Sale price as well as Compare at price and Profit will be automatically calculated for you.

Note: Print Hub will automatically get currency of store and change price on Print Hub to store's currency by using exchange rate. Also, by default, Sale price = Cost + $15 and Compare at price = Sale price + $10.

Step 3: Import the product to your store

Lastly, click Import to My Store button, your product will be moved to Imported list and published on your store.
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