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A. How custom upsell offers work?
B. How to create a custom upsell offer?

A. How custom upsell offers work?

With Add-to-cart upsell offers, you can suggest the more expensive version of an item or related products with the one your customers have added to cart. The upsell offers are triggered by the add-to-cart button.

Note: You cannot offer the same item that was just added to cart.

B. How to create a custom upsell offer?

Go to Upsell tab >> Custom offer >> Create Offer:

- Choose offer type: Pre-purchase

1. Set up the offer's name and message

Offer's name: This helps you manage your offers more easily. You can choose a name that describes your offer or leave it blank and we will automatically generate a name for you.
Offer's message: Don't forget to fill out the message, otherwise, your upsell offer can't be saved. Using attractive and engaging messages would make your offer irresistible.

2. Choose target product(s) to create upsell offers

You can choose to have upsell offers for All products on your store, Specific products, or Specific Collections.

Step 3: Set the upsell products you want to offer to your customers

There are 4 options to choose upsell products, which are:

Specific products
Specific collections
New Arrivals: 4 newest items will be picked and added as upsell products
Best-sellers: 4 best-seller items will be picked and added as upsell products

For the latter 2 options, your upsell items will be continuously updated, based on your store data.

You can offer the same collection as the target one in your upsell offer. But it doesn't work if you offer the same product as the target one.

Remove target product after an upsell product is added to cart: If this option is turned on, the CTA button will show as "Replace" and if it's clicked, the target item will be replaced by the upsell one.

Step 4: Set offer's discount

Setting up discounts for your upsold products will motivate customers to add to cart.

Click the Submit Offer button when you've finished.

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