Contact-us is an import page for customers to reach out to your store's support team. This page should be created on every store and set wherever easy to navigate, so that the visitors can send their questions and tackle unexpected issues as soon as possible.

On ShopBase, the Contact-Us page might include:
Short description/phone number or email address
Contact form (optional): When a new request is submitted, an email will be sent to the merchant's email address.

In this article:

A. How to create a "contact us" page
B. How to add "contact us" page into menu

A. How to create a "contact us" page

From your ShopBase admin, go to Online Store > Pages.

Click Add page. You will be taken to a new webpage editor.

In the webpage editor, enter a Title and Content in the text boxes provided.

For Webpage title, keep it short and clear. The webpage title is displayed in the tab or title bar of browsers. It is also used as the title in search engine results.

In the Visibility field, you can choose whether you want your webpage to be published or not.
By default, your new webpage will be visible when you click Save. Select the Hidden option if you want your new webpage to be hidden from your online store.

Optional: At the Template section, choose Contact Page

Click Save.

And you have a Contact Us page now. It's time to put it on your store's navigation.

Contact-Us page with Contact page template

B. How to add "contact us" page into menu

On your ShopBase admin, go to Online Store > Navigation.

Find the Menu Title you'd want to add Contact Us page to. Click the Title to start editing.

Click Add menu item.

In the next box, fill in the Name and the Link. The name you put here will display on your Menu, and the link must be connected to your created page. You can either search on the drop-down bar, or paste the link of your Contact Us page.
Click Save Menu.

Find menu title
Search for the correct page

Note: If you set it in a new Menu, make sure to set it accessible on your Theme. To do so, please follow the step below.

Go to your ShopBase admin > Online Store > Themes > Current Theme.
Click Customize button beside on the right of your current Theme.
On Theme Editor page, find Sections tab and choose Header.
In Menus, change the default main menu to your new one.

Find the section to change main menu here...

and edit it here!
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