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A smooth checkout process is one of the crucial factor to encourage customers to finish their orders and reduce the bounce rate. Therefore, we built two different ways to present your checkout page, so you may consider which one is more suitable on your store.

In this article
A. Three page checkout and one page checkout layout options
B. How does it looks
C. How to switch between "Three page checkout" and "One page checkout"

A. Three page checkout or one page checkout layout options

1. Pros of the One Page Checkout
The one-page checkout displays all elements of a standard checkout including basket contents, billing and shipping address, shipping options, and payment information on just one page.
Time saving: Save time for customers to check out with fewer clicks than in an online store with multi-page checkout.
Appears to be easier: The idea of a one-page checkout can initially appear easier to complete as fewer steps can appeal to time-conscious customers.

2. Pros of the Three-pages Checkout
The three-pages check out displays customer information, shipping method and payment method on three different pages.
Updating billing address: three- page checkout allow to update billing address.

B. How does it looks

One- page check out

Three- pages check out

C. How to switch between "Three page checkout" and "One page checkout"

From your ShopBase admin, go to Setting.
Click on Checkout.
Select One Page Checkout or Three Page Checkout.
Click Save and that's it.

Select checkout page

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