ShopBase supports Print-on-Demand business with our built-in feature and exclusive fulfillment apps so online merchants can start their POD business fast and also manage your fulfillment at ease within the store that is already flourishing with Dropshipping Business.

To build a print-on-demand website with ShopBase, you just need to use our in-app Print Hub in your ShopBase store to create winning products with highly-converting designs and promote them on the Internet. The rest from the order process to fulfillment service, our PrintHub team will take care everything for you.

Print Hub dashboard

On this page:

A. How to sign up with ShopBase

B. Set up your Print-on-demand store with Print Hub fulfillment app

A. How to sign up with ShopBase

1. You can follow this guideline to sign up for a brand new ShopBase Store.

2. Automated store builder

After signing up, by answering a few simple questions, you can get a store just for for you with highly-converting design covering all essential pages and settings, SEO friendly and ready to launch in few minutes with ShopBase Online Store Builder, such as:

What type of store do you want to create?
Before going to ShopBase, where have you been?
Do you want to import your contents?

B. Set up your store by using Print Hub app

You can always start selling Print-on-Demand on your Dropshipping store. All the settings such your domain, themes, dropshipping products and others are remained constant.

First and foremost, after signing in ShopBase shop, please go to App in our admin dashboard on the left side of the screen and click on Print Hub. You can find here an Overview of Print Hub.

1. Create product campaigns

Get your designs ready and launch your product campaign to get massive sales.

Create product campaigns by Print Hub's Catalog

2. Update Balance account

When using Print Hub to fulfill orders, you will need to set up Balance and top up money to your Balance to have orders processed. This Balance would be used to pay for the product basecost and shipping fee (if any) for all orders placed by Print Hub.

Understand ShopBase Balance & How to payout/top-up.

3. Add payment

We offer many payment gateways for merchants to choose which suits the most for your business type so that you can offer a wide range of payment options for your customers.

Connect your Paypal account to ShopBase store
Connect PayPal Pro account to ShopBase store
Connect Stripe account to ShopBase store
Connect Braintree account to ShopBase store
Connect account to ShopBase store
Connect Cardpay account to ShopBase store
Create ShopBase Payments account in Payment providers Settings

If you haven't had for yourself a PayPal account, you can click on this link to learn more about Paypal.

4. Add domain

On ShopBase, you can add your existing domain to ShopBase store with only several steps.

How to add a custom domain to ShopBase store

In case you have none, you can buy a new public domain on your admin store and pay via Balance.

Buy a domain from ShopBase

5. Customize theme

Choose the best theme that fits your business. Also, feel free to customize your own preference to highlight your products and make your website stand out from the rest.

You can learn how to customize store theme by following this link here.

6. Add custom size chart

All PrintHub mockups and designs have its own size chart, but you can always create your own size chart.

How to create your own size chart

7. Add shipping methods

Each product fulfilled by PrintHub app has its own shipping policy. Please refer to our website here to find an overview of shipping policy for PrintHub products.

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