Creating a dropshipping store from scratch might be a daunting process, but with ShopBase it's definitely not. In this article, we will guide you how to create your own dropship website by ShopBase within just a few clicks.

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A. Sign up an account with ShopBase

B. Setting up your ShopBase store

A. Sign up an account with ShopBase

You can follow this guideline to sign up for a brand new ShopBase Store.

Automated store builder.

After signing up, by answering a few simple questions and automatically get a store just for for you with beautiful design with essential pages and settings, SEO friendly and ready to launch in few minutes, such as:

What type of store do you want to create?
Before going to ShopBase, where have you been?
Do you want to import your contents?

Whether you choose to create a general or niche dropshipping store, ShopBase automated store builder will help to build a fully customized, well-designed and highly-converting website to boost your sales to the maximum.

Get to know more about ShopBase Online Store Builder Tool >>

B. Setting up your ShopBase store
Walk through our step-by-step tutorial to quickly build a well organized ShopBase store from beginning to the end and savor the taste of your first sale!

1. Add product

Adding product should be one of the first things you need to do. We offer many methods for you to upload your products into ShopBase store seamlessly. Choose the way you want to add/import your products here:

Add products manually
Add products from AliExpress via Ali Dropship Connector app
Import products with CSV files
Import products via Migrate app from Shopify and Woocommerce

2. Add payment
Decide how your store will accept payment and how you, as a store owner will get paid. Other than widely-used payment gateways, ShopBase also provides you with our exclusive payment gateways called ShopBase Payment to help you process your money easily without the fear of getting blocked account or payment pending.
Connect your Paypal account to ShopBase store

If you haven't created a PayPal account, you can click on this link to learn more about Paypal.

Connect PayPal Pro account to ShopBase store
Connect Stripe account to ShopBase store
Connect Braintree account to ShopBase store
Connect account to ShopBase store
Connect Cardpay account to ShopBase store
Create ShopBase Payments account in Payment providers Settings

3. Add domain

Here's how you have your own domain to ShopBase store:

How to buy a domain from ShopBase
Add your existing domain to ShopBase store

4. Customize theme
Choose the best theme that fits your business. Also, feel free to customize your own preference to highlight your products and make your website stand out from the rest.

You can learn how to customize store theme by following this link here.

5. Add custom size chart
Help your customers to pick the right products for them and make your product page look more professional with easy-to-read size chart.

How to create your own size chart
How to show size chart on your products

Next steps:
How to process and fulfill an order with ShopBase*******
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