To add business hours to your Facebook page, your page's category must be Local Businesses.

To add business hours:
Click About below your page's cover photo.
Click Page Info in the left column.
Click to edit the Hours section.
Add your hours and click Save Changes.

If you’ve added business hours to your page, you can automatically set your page’s messaging status to Away when your business is closed:
Click Settings at the top of your page.
Click Messaging in the left column.
Below Stay responsive when you can't get to your computer or phone, click Change.
Click Schedule.
Select the timezone after you click on the drop-down menu, then click +Add Time.
Set time range in which you would like to set as Away.
When everything is done, click Save.

You can set your page’s messaging status to Away for up to 12 hours. People who visit your page can see that you're away in the About section on the left side of your page.

To set your messaging status to Away:
Click Inbox at the top of your page.
Click to turn on Away in the bottom-left corner.
Set Away.

Note: Messages received when your page is Away aren't included in your page's response rate or response time.
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