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From now on, ShopBase sellers can have their orders fulfilled via ShopBase Fulfillment (an upgraded version of CrossPanda), an in-house dropshipping agent of ShopBase. It supplies and fulfills millions of products in 40+ niche categories for 50k+ sellers of ShopBase. With the new package introduced in January 2021, all ShopBase sellers who have their orders fulfilled by ShopBase Fulfillment will get:

Trending product ideas updated weekly
Cashback (gain up to $1/order)
No order processing fees required (save $1.5/item)
Fast & cheap shipping services

>> Check out more details here.

In order for us to help you find the reliable suppliers and deal the best price, please fill in this form to request a quotation for your product.

In this article
A. How to request a quotation?
B. How do I receive my quotation?

A. How to request a quotation?

Access App section > Visit ShopBase app store > Choose CrossPanda and follow the instruction to install.

Go to CrossPanda dashboard > Request Products > fill in information required to request a quotation.

Find CrossPanda in ShopBase apps.

On CrossPanda app, choose Request Product and fill in the form.

If you haven't had ShopBase store to install CrossPanda app yet , you can also visit CrossPanda homepage to request a quotation.

B. How do I check my quotation?

After 1-3 working days, the quotation will be sent to the email address registered with your ShopBase account. Meanwhile, you can follow your quotations in Request list section on CrossPanda app.

Quotations will be sorted into 4 status:

In process: we are still looking for good suppliers and haven't sent the quotations yet.
Quote created: your products were quoted.
Expired: old quotations need to update the price.
No result: we couldn't source suppliers providing the demanding products.


The shipping fee is calculated based on the number and weight of products. Therefore, when buyers place two products (either same or different product) in one order, the shipping fee will be calculated twice accordingly. If you want to sell a combo of two products, you should add a note when asking for a quotation so that we can provide you with the best quotation.
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