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CrossPanda orders would be delivered by YunExpress - our partnership shipping carrier from China. As soon as the package enter customer's country, local shipping agency would take over the process and change the tracking number into their form. Therefore, this instruction here to help you find the last mile tracking number of the local shipping carrier.

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A. What is the last mile tracking number?
B. How can I track it?

A. What is the last mile tracking number?

We cooperate with YunExpress to ship your packages from China. When the packages arrive in their destination countries, YunExpress's partner - a courier - will continue to transport them. The courier will then provide a tracking number, also known as a last mile tracking number, to give customers with real-time information about their delivery.

Normally after 1-2 days since the tracking number from YunExpress is available on the app (tracking 1), the last mile tracking (tracking 2) will be created but takes about 5-7 days to be live on couriers' websites.

B. How can I track it?

Go to YunTrack, enter tracking of YunExpress starting with YT.

Copy the Last mile delivery tracking number.

Find the destination country in this list > Open the local courier's website.

Paste the Last mile delivery tracking number you just copied in the search box of the local courier's website to receive real-time information about your order and/or proof of delivery.

Paste the last mile delivery tracking number in the search section of the local courier's website...

and the website will show real-time information about the order and/or proof of delivery.
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