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With PrintBase, when your store has a new order, our system and fulfillment partners will handle the whole process - from printing, fulfilling to shipping. Based on buyer's order information, we will select the most suitable fulfillment partner from our vested global printing partners so that you can have the best product and logistics cost.

A new order will have its status marked as Unfulfilled at first. Money paid by buyers for this order (after being deduced with transaction fee and shipping fee) will be added to your Balance and can be viewed in Available soon.

When order processing begins, base cost will be charged by ShopBase. Order's status will be updated to Processing.

An order will be fulfilled after 4-7 days depending on each specific product. After that, its status will be changed to Fulfilled and there will be a tracking number with which buyers can track their orders.

Note: Your order will be canceled if it includes any product that violates ShopBase's Trademark policy.
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