This article will explain how orders are processed on Print Hub.

On Print Hub, the ordering process is automated as much as possible so you don't have to worry about fulfilling them manually and can focus on optimizing your business.

We automatically sync orders that have been paid by your customers and validate these orders. If there's something wrong with an order, its status will be changed to** In Review**. Valid orders will be placed in Unpaid and are ready for payment on your side.

At 0:00 AM (UTC +0) every day, we calculate your Next Payment (in Manage Payment) from Unpaid orders. Next Payment will be automatically processed with your default payment method.

If failed, this amount will accumulate in Your Outstanding Balance and Next Payment will be updated with the payment for upcoming orders.

You can pay for all your pending orders by clicking Confirm.

|**Note**: All orders that are successfully paid will be updated from Unpaid to Awaiting Shipment. After an order is completed and shipped, there will be a tracking number and its status will be updated to Fulfilled (Learn more about order status here). Also, cancelled/held orders will not be processed in our automatic payment scheme.
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