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Klaviyo is an email marketing platform frequently used by e-commerce businesses because of its powerful SMS and email marketing automation. Just like Facebook and Google, Klaviyo offers product advertising via email and SMS. To use this feature, you need to add a product feed to Klaviyo. For feeds you upload to Facebook & Google Merchant Center, you can use a product feed link made by ShopBase. As for Klaviyo in particular, you will need to get another feed link for the product as guided in this article.


Before you can create a product feed for Klaviyo, please install Klaviyo to your store by following the guidelines of this article

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, go to Products >> Product feeds. Click on a product feed you want to create for Klaviyo.

In the product feed page, click Create Klaviyo feeds now and wait for a few minutes.

Reload the page and you will see the feed link for Klaviyo. Click the copy product feed link button as shown below to add product to email marketing campaign using Klaviyo


Due to regulations from Klaviyo, each feed link has a maximum of 25000 products. So if your feed is more than this, ShopBase will generate more than 1 link for you.
The product feed for Klaviyo only updates 1 time/day at 0 AM UTC and does not automatically update like feeds for Google and Facebook.

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