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CrossPanda is a premium fulfillment service with high-quality products which is connected in ShopBase platform. CrossPanda helps you connect with Chinese manufacturers who will then complete the packaging and shipping process for your customers. CrossPanda also provides the packaging service for private label products for your own brand.

This section guides you through processing your online store's order via CrossPanda from the first step when you receive the order to the time you ship it to the customer.

To process your ShopBase orders via CrossPanda, you must take 3 steps to successfully send orders to your customers: first request a quote for your product, then place your order product from the supplier and ultimately process your order.

In this section

A. Request a quote for your product
B. Place your order from CrossPanda's suppliers
C. Make the payment for the manufacturer
D. Process the order

A. Request a quote for your product

In order for CrossPanda to help you find a reliable supplier with the best prices, please send us a quotation request for your product.

Step by Step Tutorial

From CrossPanda admin site, go to Sourcing >> Request products.

Fill in the required information to request a quote. You add the link to the product or the image link of the product in Links of requested products and the description of the product in Note. Click on Add more product links if you want to quote more than 3 products.

After completing the information filling, click Confirm.


If you do not have a ShopBase store to install the CrossPanda application, you can also visit CrossPanda homepage to request a quote.

After 1-3 working days, quotes will be sent to your registered ShopBase email address. Meanwhile, you can track your requests in the Request list on CrossPanda. Quotation requests will be arranged into 4 statuses: In process (we are still looking for the best supplier for you and there is no quote for the product yet), Quote created (your product price has been informed), Expire (old quotation requires price update), No result (we were unable to find the supplier for the requested product).

B. Place your order from CrossPanda's suppliers

We offer two different methods for users to buy their products with CrossPanda, whether to choose from the quote in the Request list or directly purchase at Inventory.

Purchase from Request list

Request list is used to manage your quote requests. Only products that are successfully quoted can be ordered.

Step by Step Tutorial

From CrossPanda admin site, go to Request list > Quote created.

Selectthe products you want to buy from suppliers.

Choose the order with 2 options such as Fulfill current orders and Set custom stock. Select the option you want.

Set custom stock: You can adjust the quantity of products ordered from the supplier if you select this option by modifying the quantity according to the variations in the Ordered Quantity column and clicking Purchase to order.

Fulfill current orders: If you select this option, you will purchase the product from the supplier in sufficient quantities to meet your current orders. Click on Fulfill orders to process your order.

Click Pay and select the payment methods (Money Transfer or Pay with Paypal) to process payment.

Purchase from Inventory

Inventory manages the quantity of products in stock and records the quantity of products purchased from the supplier.

Step by Step Tutorial

From dashboard, go to Fulfillment > Inventory. The 8 inventory statuses will be displayed as below:

Purchased: product quantity bought from suppliers

Sold: product quantity sold to customers

Incoming: incoming product quantity

Available stock: available product quantity

Awaiting order: the number of orders that a customer places on the store, waiting for the seller to order from the manufacturer.

Awaiting stock: the number of orders waiting for the products to arrive at the warehouse to be sent to the customer

Average order 3 days: orders in the store over the past 3 days

Forecast ( Pieces/day): estimated orders per day


Select the product you want to buy from the manufacturer. Enter the number of products or product variants you want to buy in the Restock column and press Place order.

Click Purchase.

Click Pay and choose Money Transfer or Pay with Paypal to process payment.

C. Make a payment

After completing your purchase as instructed in section B, you can choose one of the different ways below to pay for your purchase.

Make payments in the form of money transfer via a bank account, Paypal or Payoneer.

Step by Step Tutorial

Choose the bank account you want to use and the payment method will be displayed

Choose the payment method via bank accounts (Bank Transfers, Paypal Transfers hoặc Payoneer Transfers).

Click Transfer to transfer money to CrossPanda.

After completing the transaction, please send our customer care team a screenshot of your payment transaction via LiveChat so we can verify your payment.

Make a payment via PayPal

Step by Step Tutorial

Select PayPal and you will be directed to Paypal payment portal.

Log tin to Paypal and transfer money.


For transactions via Paypal and credit card, you will have to pay an additional fee of 4% of the order value.

The estimated time for stocking is 2-4 days after payment is complete. You can then check your purchases on Received goods / Purchased orders and the inventory status in Inventory / Fulfillment.

D. Process the order

Your order will be synchronized with My order section in the app. In My order, you can see 10 different tabs that will help you manage your order effectively. To process an order, remember that you must successfully request a quote for the product and purchase it for stocking first. In this section, we will guide you through the two-step CrossPanda order-processing process that connects the order to the product in stock and process the order.

Connect orders to products in inventory

This step is required for new and previously unconnected products, to help CrossPanda detect which products in stock match the respective orders.

Step by Step Tutorial

Go to To order in My order to find the placed products but unconnected to any products in inventory. Click Map Product related to the product you want to map.

Search for the purchased product in stock that you want to connect to the item in the order under Purchased Product, then click Set.

Select the related variants for the products that need mapping.

Click Save.


When products in stock are successfully mapped according to the instructions above, CrossPanda will automatically match the right variations for that product if there are any orders for that product in the future.
In case you cannot find a suitable product to connect in step 2, please find them in Request list. If not, they may not have been purchased from the manufacturer yet so you must request a quote and buy them first.

Fulfill the order

After connecting the order's product to the in-stock item, please go to the Ready to fulfill tab to complete the order processing. CrossPanda allows users to execute orders one by one or multiple orders at the same time.

One by one: Once your product is connected, you just need to press the button Fulfill order according to the order to complete the order processing, CrossPanda will ship the item to the warehouse.

Multiple orders: To handle multiple orders at the same time, check the checkbox to select your orders, then press Actions> Fulfill orders to complete the order processing process. CrossPanda will ship the goods in stock to the customer.

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