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On ShopBase Creator, you can set up a 1-1 online coaching session which allows you to reach customers in a more engaging and interactive setting. To help convert visitors into members of your coaching session, you should present all of the necessary general information in an appealing and easy-to-understand format for your potential members. This includes the session title, URL, thumbnail, and search engine listing information. For example, your course title, description, and URL should be concise, straightforward, and enticing so that the audience can quickly understand what your coaching session is about while also aiding in search engine optimization. Furthermore, your course's thumbnail should be expressive, eye-catching, and professional.

This article will walk you through the process of editing the general information for your coaching session in a few simple steps.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase Creator admin, go to Products. After creating a coaching session, you can select it to set up the general information.

Click on the General tab to edit the general information for your coaching session.

In the Title and URL and handle sections, you can change the title and URL handle of the coaching session.

In the Thumbnail image section, you can add a thumbnail image for the coaching session. This image will be used as the product thumbnail on your website pages. Click Upload file to upload the image directly from your device, or paste the image URL in the or embed external link section and click Add.

For the best display, the image should have a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1440x810px.
The external link for your thumbnail image should be a public link that is viewable for anyone who has the link.
In Scheduling, you can set up a scheduling form for your coaching session. Please refer to this article for a detailed instruction.

In the Search engine listing preview section, you can add a title and description to display a preview of how your product will appear in search engine results. The preview includes the page title, the URL handle, and the meta description. You can add a Page title and Meta description in the respective text boxes.

We recommend that you keep the page title short and simple, and that your description is clear. The recommended maximum characters for your page title is 70 and for your meta description is 320.
Once finished, click Save.

After completing the general information for your coaching session, follow our guide to start setting up a scheduling form for your members to easily book a 1-1 session with you right away!

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