A great channel to acquire new traffic for online merchants is Google Shopping, also known as Product Listing Ads, or PLAs. Google Shopping ads appear along the top of, or often on the upper right hand side of, a search results page when a user searches Google for a product. (Shopping ads also can be found by clicking the Shopping tab.)
Here are a few tips from ShopBase to help you make to most your store that is fully optimized for Google Shopping.

In this article:
A. Store setting-up
B. Google Merchant Center setting-up

A. Store setting-up

1. Domain
You should not use our default domain [domain.onshopbase.com] to start selling after setting up your store. Please connect your store to another public domain using this instruction here.

Add your logo and favicon into your store, please find instruction about editing theme here.

3. Legal pages
Your online shop has to have pages such as Return & Refund policy, Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service for customers to consult. You can quickly create ones by using our suggested templates from ShopBase here.

These pages need to guide your customers to how to solve some problems they may encounter. For example, customers need to know the refund process in term of need.

4. Store contact information
Your store should have a completed and specifically Contact information such as: Name, Support Email, Phone Number, Address, Working Time.
Add your Contact Us page in here.

Phone number and Address should be in the US, or any other country that you are targeting to make business in.

Email support should be in this format @domain.com, personal email should be used in this case.

5. Footer & Header

Add store contact information
Add all your Allocate Pages

Turn off Announce Bar in Online Store > Theme > Header Settings

6. Check out Settings
Complete setup your Shipping Method here. Please be noted that in Shipping Policy page, fees should be listed precisely. The calculation for fees, processing time as well as delivery time should be matched with your settings.
Connect to payment gateways here.
Trust Badgets should be hidden.

7. Product page
Products should not violate ShopBase's Term of Service.
Product images should not contain promotional information (text/image).
Trust Badges should be hidden.
Currency and Language Settings in store should be corresponding to Currency and Language Settings in Google Merchant Center.
Temporarily turn off our promotion campaigns by app Boost Upsell, Boost Cross-sell.
Use properties allowed by Google (example: with property Size, need to follow this instruction here)
Advoid products and contents that are restricted by Google

B. Google Merchant Center setting-up

1. Shipping method
Shipping method should be fully set-up before promoting products on Google Merchant Center.
Shipping method in Google Merchant Center should matched the region and fee that customer has to pay on Checkout Page.
Processing and delivery time should be corresponding to the Shipping Policy page.

2. Tax setting
Choose option Tax not included because in ShopBase, products are not supported to collect tax.

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