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Automatically register Google Merchant Center and set up online store

With ShopBase's automatic GMC registration flow, your online store will be built to completely meet Google's requirements; and ShopBase will set up your GMC account with complete business information, shipping information (for PrintBase and PlusBase stores), claim your domain, and upload products to GMC for you. This will save you time and the hassle of GMC registration, and you will be able to register successfully based on ShopBase's thorough research and experience with registration. In case your account is rejected, our Customer Support team will assist you as soon as possible.

In this article

A. Set up your account
B. After submission
C. Understand the results
D. Sync product feed

A. Set up your account

Before you start the setup, make sure that you have a Google Merchant Center account associated to your Google account.

From your ShopBase admin, go to Marketing & Sales > Sales channels and select Google.

In Google account, click Connect to start the integration.

In the pop-up, sign in your Google account. Make sure you tick these 2 boxes and click Continue

Select your Google Merchant Center account and click Connect.

Each GMC account can only be connected to 1 ShopBase store. If your account is already being connected to a ShopBase store, please disconnect it before connecting to another.
In Register Google Merchant Center (GMC) > Review store & Set up GMC account, select Let ShopBase help me set up. Then, complete the following 3 steps to review your store and business information.

Step 1: Submit business information

In this step, you will need to provide your business information, including business name, address and logo to submit to GMC and set up your store. It is required that the information on GMC and on your store must match, and the address provided must be a valid address.

In Store's name, enter the name of your store.
In Domain, connect a public domain to your store. In case you don't have one, buy a new domain from ShopBase.
Enter your business' correct address in Business address. For instance, if your business is based in Vietnam, give the correct address in Vietnam. Enter a valid phone number as well so that Google can send you a verification code later.

Step 2: Review store before submitting

In this step, you will need to review your store, products, payment and shipping settings (for ShopBase stores) to make sure that the setup meet Google's requirements:

Upload your store's logos and favicon. You can directly upload images from your device or select an image from your library. This library contains all images you uploaded during the GMC registration flow.

Confirm production time and shipping time (for ShopBase stores).

You can add these values into your policy or legal pages to ensure that your store's data is consistent across all pages. Please refer to these articles to discover how to add template variables to your pages or policy pages.
Add and activate at least 1 valid payment provider (for ShopBase stores). This payment method must be in live mode and not in test mode.
Set up at least 1 shipping method on your ShopBase store and on GMC account (for ShopBase stores).
Review your product to make sure that you abide by copyright laws in order to avoid infringement.

Step 3: Finally, understand what ShopBase will set up

ShopBase will perform several actions to set up GMC and update your store. You should be aware of these changes in order to actively manage and monitor them. Select the actions that you want ShopBase to perform. Any unselected action will be skipped.

You can refer to this article to understand Google's requirements.

Upgrade to the newest theme version so that your store can be optimized: This action is performed by default. With the upgraded version of Theme Editor - Theme Editor 2.0, ShopBase can further increase the user experience and make it easier for you to customize your storefront's theme. If your storefront theme is in an older version, ShopBase will automatically update it to the latest one. All theme settings will be remained after the update.

Add the necessary content to your store such as an address, logo...: If this option is selected, the following store updates will be performed:

Set up store name according to the information entered.
Set up logo and favicon according to the information entered.
Product page layout will be updated to "Description below product form".
Update unfinished product widgets. For example, automatically select collections or products in Featured collections, Featured products, and Collection list widgets.

Update the legal pages to meet requirements and show them on Footer: If this option is selected, the following store updates will be performed:

Add the entered store's address, phone and email to your store's footer. For PrintBase/PlusBase store, the entered store's address will be displayed as a second address next to the default PrintBase/PlusBase's address.
Add, update the content in legal pages to meet Google's requirements, and link these pages in your store's footer.

Turn off the promotion signals and apps: If this option is selected, the following store updates will be performed:

Disable Boost Upsell and Boost Convert apps.
Disable all promotion settings on your store such as saving price, compare-at-price, etc.

Submit Business information to GMC: If this option is selected, the business information entered in step 1 will be submitted to GMC. At the same time, Google will send a verification code to the entered phone number to verify.

Claim domain on GMC: If this option is selected, your domain will be automatically verified and claim on GMC.

Upload product feed to GMC: If this option is selected, ShopBase will first submit around 20 products to GMC to shorten the review process and avoid any product-related error. After your account is approved, you can sync all products, or some products/collections along with your country of sale to GMC. Please refer to this article for more information.

Set up shipping fee on GMC: If this option is selected, for PrintBase/PlusBase store, the shipping fee of each product will be automatically calculated to get the accurate information for GMC submission. Please refer to this article for more information.

Once finished, click Set up store and connect Merchant Center to complete your submission.

How to resolve "This app is blocked" error when connecting to your Google account

From your Google account, go to Security and enable Less secure app access.

If you still cannot connect after step 1, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

B. After submission

After you have finished your submission, the system will perform actions that you selected. During this period, you are advised not to update any information that ShopBase has set up for your store and GMC account.

In addition, your will need to complete the following actions:

Verify your phone number: After submitting your account information, Google will send a verification code to your registered phone number. You need to enter this code to ShopBase.

Create a Google Analytics account and link it to GMC. Please refer to Google's guide for more information.

C. Understand the results

Google may take 1 to 3 days to review your store, product, and GMC account after submission. On GMC, you will see the message in initial review. Then, Google will inform you if the account is approved or rejected.

If your account is rejected, you can request another review and apply for an appeal. In this case, you can contact Google and ShopBase Customer Support team for assistance directly in your admin page. Our team will be in charge of reviewing your store and GMC account setups in order to provide recommendations and guidance on how to successfully apply for an appeal and register a GMC account. Please keep in mind that you may need to invite ShopBase account to your GMC account for additional review.

Read more: Understand Google Merchant Center account application statuses.

D. Sync product feed

After your account is approved, you can start synchronizing your products to GMC. You can choose to sync all products, or just some selected products or collection to GMC depending on your business strategy.

Read more: Sync products to Google Merchant Center.

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Updated on: 11/04/2023

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