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Contact information allows visitors to contact the website owner or sellers. There are 2 ways to present it in your storefront. Please scroll down and take a look at this section. We will guide you through in just a few easy steps to help you add contact information at the page footer.

In this section
A. Display as a Contact-us page
B. Display directly

A. Display as a Contact-us page
Step by step Tutorial

There are 2 stages to go through:

Create a Contact-us page. Steps and instructions are in this article

Add the contact-us page into the footer

Go to ShopBase Admin
Choose Online Store > Themes
Click Customize

Click Footer

Bassy themes: Select the Contact-us page below Edit Menu

Roller Themes: Select the Contact-us page In the Main Menu section,

Another way is to add the "Contact-us page" into Main menu page and select Main menu to show at the footer ( can apply for both themes)

Click Save to apply it to your online store.

B. Display directly

Note: Apply for Roller Theme only

Choose Online Store > Themes > Customize

Click Footer

Go to Content and edit contact information on the Text Section of Heading and Page

Heading and Text


Click Save

You're done!
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